A Tour with Italian Brand Fiart’s SW35

We came back from Cannes, the small, warm and fun city of France. In the quiet city of France, at night, the quiet, fun-filled noise of the sea was a calm breeze, while the Yacht Festival was authentic and innovative.
Sunny Cannes was covered with masts and sails in the morning hours of the first day of the festival. The brands competing to promote their new yachts at the Festival had already completed their preparations when we went. The festival area, which took place in the two marinas of Cannes, consisted of Port Canto and Vieux Port, and motor boats provided shuttle service between the two marinas. As a Yacht Life Travel family, we visited the stands by accepting the invitations sent.

haber görseli tekne dış

Our first stop is Fiart’s stand. The Italian brand invites us to the test drive of the tender called SW35, which it premiered last year in Cannes. The sports boat is one of the new members of Seawalker family while impressing with its speed on the water. Last year Fiart presented two new models, the Seawalker 35 and the Seawalker 39. The Seawalker 35, is a boat with a planing hull, 9.99 meters long. Speed, energy and fun are the ingredients of this new yacht, that can welcome up to 10 people and accommodate 4 people for night.

haber görseli tekne içThe Seawalker 35 is offered with an open-space cabin with a central double bed , equipped with comfortable furniture and a large bathroom with separate  shower. Two more single beds are provided below the deck floor in the aft cabin.

The new Fiart project aims to be an invitation to live on board as a moment of conviviality and relax, even when sailing at high speed,  thanks to a wide choice of  onboard and outboard engines that guarantee top speeds up to 40 kn.

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