Aquafighter® Establishing Presence in the Boating Industry With Water-Free Fuel Technology

Aquafighter®, the first product to give boat owners the power to remove emulsified water from fuel directly in the tank and also keep the fuel tank bottom dry.

Aquafighter® – Making diesel fuel and tanks water-free. Simple installation, simple replacement, clean tank, “clear & bright” fuel to the engine.

Aquafighter®, a new technology for keeping fuel water-free, is establishing distribution in the marine market worldwide. Steve Schultz of DieselCare AS makers of Aquafighter®, “In 2020, our first year at market; we focused primarily on the fuel station market as those are our roots. However, we see the marine market as having quite possibly the most potential for our non-additive, non-energy consuming, easy to use fuel purifying technology.”

Aquafighter® is a simple product that is easily installed into the bottom of the fuel tank that will keep both diesel fuel and non-ethanol gasoline water-free and eliminate or greatly reduce the risks created from water/condensation in the fuel tank such as diesel bug, microbial growth, tank corrosion, clogged filters, injector misfire, reduction in fuel efficiency, loss of acceleration, fuel degradation, engine stall and engine failure.

Giving boat owners the power to purify their fuel and keep their tanks free from water. Aquafighter® removes emulsified water from the fuel and captures & isolates the water in the tank to maintain a tidy tank and assure high-quality fuel to the engine at all times.

Per Jahnsrud, CEO of DieselCare AS, “As a boat owner myself, I know the battles that boat owners have with water that gets mixed in with the fuel as well as the water that settles at the bottom of the tank. As a career long fuel professional, we worked hard to develop this Aquafighter® product because we needed a cure to remove and capture all of the water throughout the tank because water can cause so much damage and so many problems; not to mention the cost of needing to polish saturated fuel. We know that when people use Aquafighter® for the first time, they will not want their tank to be without Aquafighter® again.”

Aquafighter® is available in various sizes for tanks with openings as small as 3.8cm (1.5 inches) and capacities ranging from 200ml to 40 liters

“Just as with all fuel tanks in every application, water is an inescapable inevitability. Because the fuel tank needs to breathe, the air that cycles through your tank brings with it condensation that accumulates inside the tank. Even a few milliliters of water can grow bacteria and only 1 milliliter of water can cause your engine or injectors to fail. This is why Aquafighter is so important and valuable to any boat owner who wants their vessel to operate safely and with precision.”, says Steve Schultz.

Tommi Buckley with Eurotank Service Group in the UK, comments: “Aquafighter is a very simple, cost-effective way of eliminating water from your tank, removing the risk of diesel bug and the problems that brings with it. It brings piece of mind to an industry-wide problem and we are proud to bring Aquafighter to all boaters in our market.”

Before and after Aquafighter® use – A clear difference
Aquafighter®, the first product to give boat owners the power to remove emulsified water from fuel directly in the tank and also keep the fuel tank bottom dry.

Aquafighter® was developed by DieselCare AS in Norway in 2015. In 2017, after extensive laboratory and field testing, it was utilized by a major international fuel company to return millions of litres of waste diesel back into spec quality fuel and also as a leave-in tank maintenance solution to keep their fuel station tanks water-free at all times and prevent waste fuel from ever developing again. As a maintenance solution Aquafighter® keeps the fuel better-than-spec at all times, prevents bacteria/bug growth, reduces the need for filter replacement, eliminates the development of degraded/cloudy fuel and significantly reduces the wear on every part from the tank through to the engine.

Aquafighter® has application far beyond boats and is ideal for diesel generators, agricultural equipment, storage tanks, construction and mining equipment, trucks and virtually any other diesel tank.


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