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You are preparing to participate in the 2nd Logistics Storage and Technology Fair; Logistech, which will take place on September 27-29, 2023. Can you tell us about what kind of a fair it is?

Logistech offers the opportunity to showcase the latest developments and innovations of the logistics industry in the region. In this context; As BATI Innovative Logistics, we aim to introduce the innovative solutions and technological developments we offer to our customers and business partners. We want to emphasize our leading position in the sector. By participating in the fair, we also aim to have the opportunity to establish new business contacts and strengthen our existing business relationships.

What special events, presentations or product launches are you planning as BATI Innovative Logistics within the scope of the fair? What kind of services do you aim to offer to visitors?

As BATI Innovative Logistics, we plan to organize interactive presentations where we will explain our state-of-the-art solutions and innovative approaches in logistics processes in detail. We will have an experienced team in our booth area to introduce our services and collaborations to our visitors and answer their questions.

BATI Innovative Logistics

The 2nd Logistics Warehousing and Technology Fair showcases the latest developments and innovations in the logistics industry. Which innovations in the sector do you, as BATI Innovative Logistics, pioneer?

As BATI Innovative Logistics, we have taken important steps in the fields of digitalization and automation in logistics processes. In this context, we have developed software-supported solutions to increase the efficiency of logistics processes and offer competitive advantages to our customers. Especially with the MYBATI application developed by our own software team, our customers can easily track the location and estimated arrival times of their shipments. Thanks to this application, we offer our customers a platform where they can upload documents related to their cargo; thus, we save them from paper burden and time loss.

BATI Innovative Logistics

If we focus on the recent development of BATI Innovative Logistics, in which areas have you seen particular growth?

In the recent period, we have achieved a significant growth in the number of our offices, especially in Europe and America. This growth has brought along our investments in digital transformation and technological innovations. As a result of our investments, we observed an increase in the number of qualified employees; however, during this growth process, we faced challenges such as the pandemic and the post-pandemic transition process. Providing flexible and customizable solutions to respond to rapidly changing customer demands has been an important challenge in achieving our goals.

BATI Innovative Logistics

What can you say about BATI Innovative Logistics’ long-term strategy and innovation-oriented plans?

In the coming years, we see maintaining the increase in the number of our offices, strengthening our international collaborations and expanding into new markets among our strategic goals. At the same time, we plan to deepen and expand our work by directing our digitalization steps to different areas. We aim to increase our influence in the global logistics industry by offering more effective and faster solutions to our customers.

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