Commercial Business Solutions Professionals (CBSPRO) for INNOVATIVE MARINE DESIGNERS

CBSPRO is specialized in supplying Concept Designs, Refitting Designs and Engineering. CBSPRO provide their services to shipyards, owners and involved parties within the Super Yacht Building and Maritime Industry. We conducted an interview with Co-Owner Antoon Marten Wester.

First, can we get to know your company? specialises in Concept Designs and Engineering of Luxury Super Yachts and Marine Designs., is specialized in supplying Concept Designs, Refitting Designs & Engineering. We provide our services to shipyards, owners and involved parties within the Super Yacht Building and Maritime Industry. By using our many years of experience, knowledge and our large network with leading shipyards, companies, suppliers, and brokers we are one of the leading design agencies in the world!

With our own Design Department, we can produce innovative, functional, efficient, and stylish designs. makes the difference by being actively and personally involved with owners, shipowners, and brokers, by which we can act quickly, professionally, and flexibly.

We provide both design services from our office but also on location if extra support and coordination is needed. Concept Designs create more than just high quality, stylish, modern, and luxurious Super Yachts but add a soul, experience, and indelible moments to its concept designs for its future owners and loved ones.

We deliver stylish, luxurious, efficient, effective, targeted, customer-oriented and environmentally conscious Concept Designs!
Due our experience and large national and International network with leading Dutch and International Shipyards, Businesses, Vendors, Suppliers and Brokers we are a big market player.

What is your feature? Owners the Netherlands.

Antoon Marten Wester, 53 years young, born: The Netherlands, Co-Owner Commercial Business Solutions Professionals Maritime ( Since 2014.

From an early age I have been involved with, and, well experienced in design, engineering, yacht- and shipbuilding, shipping industry, ship rental and a professional feeling for management and project workflow. So more than 40 years of experience which I have brought to our company

André Veenstra, 34 years young, born: The Netherlands, Co-Owner Commercial Business Solutions Professionals Maritime ( Since 2014.

Specialized in conceptual design, design development and creation of marketing and presentation documents. Well experienced in design with various CAD programs, Engineering, good technical and communicative skills, and a professional feeling for management and project workflow. So more than 15 years of experience which I have brought to our Company

We combined our knowledge and started our own Company in January 2014.  In 2020 became:

What distinguishes you from other yacht designers?

At we believe in a Personal Approach, customized to the specific needs of our Clients by using the latest design tools we can create full 3D visualizations. If required, we deliver a complete package ready to be taken to the next project phase.

When designing Luxury Super Yachts, not only the design is decisive but also, and above all, the feeling, the experience, and involvement of the future owners.

Therefore, we at believe that our Concept Designs distinguishes us from our colleague Concept Designers.

By performing market research, approaching our followers and contacts within our large network gives us a clear picture of what is going on and what today’s wishes are. This enables us to come up with current and on-demand Concept Designs that consider the demand and the specific wishes in the market and of our customers.

This way of working offers much more flexibility and enables customers to follow the first phase of the design without a direct committing to a design company that demands to manage the entire design and engineering.

By being actively and personally involved with Super Yacht Ship owners and Brokers within the various specializations, we can act Fast, Professional and Flexible!

By increasing our resources for the benefit of the customer and responding appropriately and act within the ever-changing Yachting and maritime industry, we have become a worldwide renowned Design partner. We provide design services from our office, but also on location when additional support and coordination is required.

This philosophy (D.C.M. philosophy) and approach results in extreme flexibility and enormous cost savings in the final Concept Design.

Together with the shipyard & engineering and a possible broker, one can in this way tender the final Concept Design and one can decide for oneself which offer has the best value for their project. For our special Commercial Crafts and Offshore Vessels Concept Designs the same criteria apply of course, but with the difference that (by our customers) they often focus less on the experience and feeling, but more on the usability, functionality, and purpose of the Concept Designs. “Less is more” money in this often!  Of course, we deliver the same commitment and services!


Within the Conceptual design of (considering our design philosophy) the presentation and documentation of the Concept Designs is described in a comprehensive and accurate report. At all times we maintain close contact with our customers/customers to ensure the desired result.

At the end of the Conceptual Design phase, we offer the possibility to estimate the materials, calculate costs and perform the desired / required work considering the involvement and wishes of the customer/client. In short, a package ready to Tender.


To take the next step towards Conceptual Design, it is often difficult and perhaps also annoying to find the right marketing company that can carry out the entire presentation. offers the possibility to carry out this marketing presentation as well. With our expertise of the design and the next steps, we now have an up-to-date and clear picture of the entire Conceptual Design. This makes it easier to present an accurate and appropriate marketing plan!

The marketing material that supplies to its customers includes comparison figures, weight calculations, water displacement calculations, stability calculations, safety aspects, environmental requirements, speed calculations, capacity calculations and so on. Combined with our completed Conceptual Design we ca offer the possibility to provide the full marketing report to support the presentation to owners, customers, board members, stakeholders, brokers, and investors.

Several conditions that a good marketing strategy must meet according to

  • The strategy must have a clear choice. A good strategy makes clear what position the organization wants to conquer in the market. The strategy must therefore be sufficiently specific.
  • The strategy must have a good connection to the environmental situation and developments in that environment. If an environment is highly dynamic, a strategy must take this into account. Sustainability is a fundamental development that must be considered within the marketing strategy.

The strategy must be legitimised by the most important customers, owners, or stakeholders. One may have a marketing plan on paper, but it must be implemented.

What do you think stands out in yacht design?

Designing Luxury Super Yachts, not only the design is decisive but also, and above all, the feeling, the experience and being actively and personally involved with the future owners. With our concept designs we look at new applications and designs that are stylish, practical, easy to apply and comply with the highest safety and environmental regulations.

What we have noticed over the years is that many super yachts and maritime vessels have a lot of similarities! Some seem to lack creativity, daring or inspiration.

This is where makes the difference!

Within we have several rules of which one applies to this, namely, our designs must originate from a 100% creativity, daring and inspiration and must not be derived from existing ships in general. With this we ask a lot of our employees but in our opinion, this is essential if we are to be successful and stand out from other designers! We listen to our customers and we are always thinking in terms of possibilities, not impossibilities!

Of course, we are aware that (at the request of our customers) we sometimes must adapt our designs to give them certain characteristics that can be recognisable. Because it is of course the customer who decides in the end!

What are your projects for 2021?

Above all, we want to continue profiling our company and our different view and working method on the design of super yachts and maritime vessels.

In 2021 we want to put even more emphasis on the ultimate wishes and requirements of our customers, the environmental issues, and necessary tightened environmental requirements. With the presentation of The PROTEAN 95 (release date December 2020) we want to serve this specific market and hope that a new owner will arrive soon. In any case, there is no shortage of interest!

A first for you… in 2021 we come up with a new Concept Design of a sensational 92-meter Super Yacht! A Concept Design with many special futures that is unprecedented and has never been shown and/or applied before!  A Concept with a target speed between 20 and 25 knots. With a range of possibilities regarding propulsion and fuel, hybrid electric, gas, or hydrogen.

We do not want to tell you much more about it at this moment, but we are convinced this new Concept Design by will amaze the Super Yacht world in 2021!

In addition, we remain active in providing our services to our customers and remain actively involved in new developments and issues worldwide!

Where do you get inspired when designing super luxury yachts?

It may sound a bit levitating, but we are inspired by everything that lives and moves. We look at forms, suppleness, and efficiency of for example animals, nature, buildings, structures etc. In this we look for the experience and the feeling and try to merge this in our concepts. It is amazing to look for example at the Grand Canyon with all its capricious mountains and rocks or, the Evolution Tower Moscow Russia.

By looking at this you can see shapes or create shapes in our thoughts that we can translate into our concept lines. Of course, it must be efficiency and applicability, this is of course essential!

As mentioned before, we also give our employees the freedom to implement their own ideas within a Concept Design, but the creative basis of as our Concept Designs is determined and designed by André and me!

What should be considered in boat design?

When designing, it is of course important to consider the stability, design, speed, water displacement, maximum number of persons on board, weight, etc. These are the standard data, but safety and the environmental impact are very important issues that must be considered. Of course, it is true that there is a disturbance and burdening of the environment when building ships in general.  Whether it concerns raw materials or other industrially manufactured parts, everything requires raw materials and energy which have an impact on our climate.

Even when ships are in use, the environment and climate are burdened by fuels and emissions. We at are very aware of this and are always looking for applications that are less harmful and environmentally harmful, but it is a utopia to think that there will be no burden on nature.

What awaits us in boat trends in 2021?

To start with, we wish that the world and its inhabitants (in these difficult COVID-19 times) can resume life more safely with the awareness that life on earth is not self-evident!

Regarding the boat trends in 2021, we think that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, shipbuilding will cause many delays and even permanent delays, but nevertheless, planned projects and striking new Concept Designs will always find their way to a new owner.

Every year we carry out market analyses and study the market in detail. It looks like several aspects will become essential and structural in the coming year and the years thereafter. For example, these will be environmental issues, aspects, and the consequences (which we mentioned earlier) where the search for solutions to improve this environmental burden is an absolute must.

Furthermore, we see the demand for larger Super Yachts increasing, thinking of Super Yachts larger than 80 metres up to a length of approximately 120 metres. This after a time that more and more Super Yachts up to a length of about 80 to 90 meters or a series of Super Yachts were looked at.

Can you summarize the projects you realized in 2020?

At the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, we presented our EXPERIENCE SERIE 45 -55-65 metres of Super Yachts.

This series of three Super Yachts, with a lot of innovative and striking features was received enthusiastically and there is a lot of interest in them, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, talks have unfortunately been postponed. We hope of course that these talks will take place later.

In the meantime, we had started our PROTEAN 95 Concept Design which we would initially present as YSV however, during the design and contacts we had, especially the questions we received, we decided to present the PROTEAN 95 as a Multi-Purpose Vessel.

The design, engineering, and project management has illustrated the first incarnation of the Protean 95 as both a yacht and a yacht support vessel. Designed for a client that wanted a ‘no limits’ structure.

We are of course also busy (daily as previously indicated) to help and support other company’s and clients worldwide with issues and execution of work related to design, engineering etc.

Finally, your Protean 95m. project attracts a lot of attention. How long was this project completed? Can you give information about the project?

As previously indicated the protean 95, launched in December 2020 by, has generated a lot of positive reactions and responses.
Almost every day we are called and sent messages via our email address with compliments and a wide range of questions and enthusiasm.

Science related agencies, research institutes and others are very interested in our Concept Design!
They are very charmed in the style, design and the enormous on- and internal-deck surfaces including applicability and target possibilities.

Dear Antoon Marten Wester  Thank you very much for your answers.

Interviewer: Arzum Kaya



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