CCPI and Graafship launch the Impressed Pro Marine line

Cleaning Care Products International B.V. (hereinafter CCPI) and Graafship Maintenance WordWide B.V. (hereinafter Graafship) have joined forces and are proud to introduce a completely new, innovative and exclusive line of high-quality solutions aimed at the maritime sector and pleasure craft. The Impressed Pro Marine line has been specifically developed for use on and around yachts and/or ships. The Impressed Pro Marine line consists of unique high- quality solutions that are produced according to the strictest quality requirements with the most innovative green raw materials. This means that environmental aspects and effects were consciously weighed up and safeguarded while the solutions were being developed.

The main component of the Impressed Pro Marine line is our unique MarineCoat. This exclusive protection system offers durable protection for almost all waterproof surfaces, such as polyester, epoxy (GRP) and metal surfaces with a plastic top coating. In practice, we come across many ships and yachts that are not paid the attention they deserve and are in bad condition (score 4-5). A treatment ensures a total refit of the ship, after which the ship is returned in excellent condition (score 1-3). In addition, a treatment with MarineCoat results in significant cost and time savings in the ship’s maintenance programme.

CCPI and Graafship work closely and intensively with a group of exclusively selected partners that specialise in the specific application of the MarineCoat protection system, among other things. These selected partners have taken part in an extensive mandatory training course at CCPI. The surfaces are technically and aesthetically assessed and categorised entirely in line with our unique condition score system. Based on these results, tailor-made underlying project advice is given in combination with a work programme and maintenance programmes. The maintenance programmes ensure that surfaces remain in optimal technical and aesthetic condition. In our opinion, there is no such thing as ‘maintenance-free’, and ‘self-cleaning’ is a utopian dream. Every yacht or ship is different and requires an individual approach in terms of maintenance.

CCPI’s expertise in the field of surface treatments and Graafship’s extensive network make this collaboration unique. The Impressed Pro Marine line will be available exclusively through Graafship Maintenance and its selected partners. CCPI will remain closely involved in the process by providing, among other things, extensive courses, including practical courses, and by drawing up tailor-made advice and maintenance programmes. In practical terms, the collaboration between CCPI, Graafship and the selected partners will result in a no-nonsense approach with a typical hands-on mentality. The solutions, advice and maintenance programmes will provide a realistic and well-substantiated narrative that will enable boat owners to take the next step!

The solutions, maintenance programmes and courses aim to bring your yacht or ship in optimal condition and keep it that way. Your enthusiasm in combination with our expertise will make the Impressed Pro Marine line the new standard within the maritime sector!


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