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Meet Fabbro Yachts…

Fabbro Yachts is a new brand. Could you tell us about your mission and vision and explain your goals? What are the must-haves and priorities for you?

As Fabbro Yachts, we stepped into the yacht industry in 2022. We launched our first boat, the F45 model, in recent months. Our first goal is to complete our fleet floating on the seas to 10 yachts by 2024. First of all, we aim to become a strong and recognized brand in the mass production yacht market. In our long-term journey, we aim to become an internationally recognized brand. Our most critical priority in mass production will be to raise the quality of workmanship to the highest level and to maintain our standards meticulously.

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You recently launched your first model, Fabbro F45. Could you tell us about the design process of the 13-meter long yacht? Did you pursue any goal in the design or are there elements/elements that you were inspired by?

While developing the Fabbro F45 model, we set out with the aim of creating an original design by reflecting the modern lines of the era. The design process of the Fabbro F45 yacht was realized with a carefully considered approach both aesthetically and functionally. While shaping our design, we always considered functionality and comfort, aesthetics and attractiveness, user needs. We aimed to create this unique design by bringing together the experience we gained from our previous work experience.

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What do you promise to your potential customers who want to buy a yacht? Why should they choose Fabbro Yachts?

It is important for our customers to know that when they buy the F45 model they will experience quality and prestige beyond just owning a boat. We select all our outfitting equipment and the materials we use are of the highest quality. With this approach, we ensure that users can enjoy a trouble-free and long-term sailing adventure. We always prioritize the service needs of our users, even after the purchase of our boat. Even in the case of the smallest problems, our service team quickly takes action to solve the problem as soon as possible. While our customers are having a pleasant time, we are always just a phone call away in the background. This is part of our commitment to provide our customers with an uninterrupted and reliable marine experience.

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What do you think original design means? How does Fabbro plan to maintain its line of ‘originality’?

For us, originality refers to a unique and unprecedented style or approach. Here’s how we believe we can maintain our line of originality:

By sticking to our own design philosophy and adding features that are unique and make us recognizable,

By taking user feedback into account and keeping our designs up to date,

By integrating sustainable and technological innovations into our boat.

By adhering to these principles, we believe we can maintain our authenticity and keep our brand in a unique position.

fabbro yachtsAbout Fabbro Yachts Founders Doğaner and Alper Kundak:

We completed our education at Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Shipbuilding and Marine Sciences and have been working in the yacht production sector since 2014. We gained experience as project engineers in the production of more than 10 superyachts, working in many companies that have received award-winning projects around the world and are well-known in the sector. We have completed many refit projects as well as new construction projects.

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