• 27 Eylül 2023 
B.Yond Limited Edition Voyager: Benetti’s 150th Anniversary Design

Images of the 40-meter, Benetti-designed B.Yond Limited Edition Voyager yacht have been shared with the public. Celebrating its 150th anniversary, this special production of Benetti is called 'an elegant jewel'.

  • 27 Eylül 2023 
Silver Star ve First Hello

Admiral-built 55-meter superyacht Silver Star made her debut before the Monaco Yacht Show.

  • 26 Eylül 2023 
Powerful Marine Engine Models

There is no doubt that there are many different boat models in the world. As such, many models of engines are also produced to keep these boats running. It is important to choose engines that differ in terms of fuel, size, length and power in accordance with the type of boat. An example of this is the weight and size of the boat. For example, a powerful and large engine is not suitable for a small and light boat. It would overpower and upset the balance. In our article, we have included a few powerful and robust engine models on the market, so let's take a look:

  • 25 Eylül 2023 
Honda V-8 Marine Engine

The Honda V-8 marine engine BF350, which is scheduled to go on sale next year, is a powerful outboard engine that the company produces for boats.

  • 25 Eylül 2023 
Project Maverick: Floating Showroom Concept

Newly named Project Maverick, the yacht will be used to showcase Quick Group's R&D work in a real-life environment.

  • 25 Eylül 2023 
Moonen 110 & First Contact

The 34-meter Moonen 110 is back in the spotlight with new images. The design is also inspired by the Moonen 84 and 97 models.

  • 25 Eylül 2023 
Bosphorus Cup Championship Trophy Winner Announced

Organized for the 22nd time this year, the Bosphorus Cup champion was Barış Koncagül and his team with their boat "Fenerbahçe 1". The race, which hosted guests from eleven different countries with the theme "Celebrate Istanbul", continued for three days with eighty local and foreign boats and one thousand 200 sailors competing. The last day of the organization ended with the Caddebostan stage.

  • 22 Eylül 2023 
Cannes Yachting Festival 2023

Held for the 46th time in 2023, the Cannes Yachting Festival, Europe's largest on-water boat show, once again attracted a lot of attention.

  • 22 Eylül 2023 
ML80: 26-Meter ‘Megayacht’ Experience

ML80, the new yacht model created by Unique Yachts and Mostes Shipyard, has been released with its visuals. It has large spaces.

  • 22 Eylül 2023 
M51 Introduces Twin Megayacht Concept

Forge II and Forged, inspired by a volcano, were shared by design studio M51.

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