Mayla Yachts made its debut with the yacht Mayla fortyfour (Mayla fortyfour) at Cannes Yachting Festival, which has just completed its digital drafts. We had an interview with the founders of the German brand, Christopher Gelsdorf and Olivier Arnault, via zoom and we are sharing it with yacht enthusiasts for the first time in Turkey.
Although the Fourtyfour is still under construction, it was appreciated by sea lovers in Cannes. Our first question to Gelsdorf was the importance of the festival in their development. Gelsdrof answers our question in detail.
“Last year, we looked at the yacht market and saw that the boats, which are fast, fun to drive, and have enough space for family and friends, so that it is possible to spend time in the bays, are lacking in the 12-meter size, as well as the electric and hybrid electric system. We started working on this right away and thought about how we could produce it. Our first boat will be ready for internal tests in November and we hope to make its first world premiere in February next year.”
The Fourtyfour is truly a unique model, but she is similar to other SUVs. We ask the founders about their differences from their similars. Arnault says with a clear answer that this boat hasn’t got a similar one.
“Many electric boats don’t have the power and speed we have, and our boat has the performance to compete with speedboats. When it comes to design, she has a structure that we can call neo-retro. We used the speed of traditional speedboats and the space of motor yachts where family and friends can come together on the same boat.”
“With a speed of up to 25-40 knots and a range capacity of over 60 miles, she has features that we do not see in boats of this size.”
We also ask the most curious question. Design… In terms of design, this yacht of Malya Yachts is unique in many ways. On the other hand, it gives a futuristic and masculine look. So we wonder where she got her inspiration from. It turns out that the design of the boat was based on Gelsdorf’s childhood. Gelsdorf describes how he grew up in boats.
“I grew up with Italian boats like Riva. Everyone knows these boats. We combined the retro classic designs of these boats with modern touches. Today’s boats are mostly SUV-style boats with a lot of exterior space, but they aren’t both fast and comfortable. ”
Arnault is surprised by our masculine interpretation.

“However, it was women who showed the most interest in our boats,” he says.
We also ask them if they want to enter the Turkish market. Gelsdorf is smiling because he wants to sail in Turkey, but when it comes to the market he is not so sure about it. He says it mostly depends on the wishes of yacht enthusiasts.
We excitedly present this new brand that we discovered for Yacht Life&Travel readers. We hope there will be many buyers of this unique boat in Turkey.

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