Play with Elegant and Luxury

As Aeris Design, we designs backgammon boards but not just any board, the luxury, modern and stylish types.. Our handmade backgammons presented with meticulous craftsmanship with using solid woods.

Our skilled artisans works every stage in the creation process, including a marquetry, hand-lacquering and also leather crafmanship. Each board has leather on the outside and comes with a carrying bag that has the same color.

Bring People Together

Wonderful thing is what we created is that bring people together. Spending time with family and friends is unique and most precious thing in the world. The best option for the gift to your loved ones. From monograms and names to messages we can make your gift personalizing with laser graving.

Choose Your Color

You can choose in black, walnut and ashtree finishes. The best quality acrylic checkers are selected according to the color of the backgammon wood finishes.




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