We are at Marmaris Netsel Marina, overlooking the colorful Aegean houses of all sizes. We are invited to the opening of the Turkey office of Sunreef Yachts, the innovative brand of environmental yachting. Beril Sümen, the coordinator of Sunreef Turkey, will accompany us. While walking around the blue and green beauty of Marmaris before the opening, Sunreef 60 Sail caught our eye with its strong stance that we couldn’t take our eyes over her.

  It has the widest and most luxurious hull we’ve ever seen in an 18-meter catamaran. It gives the impression of a megayacht with its 11-meter hull width, which we never see in catamarans of this size. The yacht was built according to the wishes of its Turkish owners. The woods used in it and the wonderful textile of the boat were chosen in detail by the owner.

We enter the boat from the cockpit. It consists of a dining table, bench and barbecue on a teak floor and is as wide as can be. The dining table is designed for 6-8 people for the Turkish owner, who loves to host guests, is always welcome. All details bear the signature of Sunreef, with a full sliding exterior door, gratings placed at the entrance from the cockpit to the interior, and of course, large storage areas that can encompass worlds. As you go from the outside to the inside, the Zen atmosphere, spaciousness and harmony make itself felt even more. Spaciousness attracts us in both Master and Guest Cabins.

Even though we can’t get enough of cruising on the catamaran, we go to the Flybridge, which provides a wonderful shade area to escape the hot sun of Marmaris. The flybridge is completely designed to take the wind and use the canopy effectively. We breathe in this open space of Sunreef 60 Sail and chat with Turkey coordinator Beril Sümen and Dimitri Jansen. One of the issues we wonder about is why Turkey was chosen. Jansen said, “Sunreef sees the potential in Turkey. Whenever we look at Turkey, we see that wonderful view”

In addition, investors in Turkey support marinas and ports, and Turkey’s wealth is increasing. Finally, we have experienced a great interest of new clients in Turkey.

Ecological yachting is one of the most important focus of Sunreef. That’s why we’re asking about this important vision as well. We ask how much interest is shown especially in ecological yachting in Turkey. Jansen said “We have a clear vision: We believe that at sea, we are all guests. And we all owe our host the respect. We see growing interest in the world in sustainable yachting, and our vision is to further develop it. In addition, Turkey is very rich in terms of both wind energy and solar energy, so sustainable yachting can be easier here.”

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