Suzuki and the Motor World


Suzuki, famous for its motorcycles, produces many engine products, including boat engines.

Outboard Suzuki Motor

Suzuki, the Japanese-based company that has made a name for itself when it comes to boat engines, has many boat engine model options. In this article, we will examine Suzuki’s most powerful outboard engine, the DF350A, which has 350 hp power with its 4.4-liter, V6 engine.



Like all outboards from the Japanese company, the DF350A is a four-stroke engine. Most of these outboards have different shaft lengths and the longer the shaft, the heavier the machine. The DF350A is available in 25-inch (330 kg weight) and 30-inch (339 kg weight).

The weights of the engines to be preferred in boats are also important in terms of speed, just like in cars. For this reason, it is an advantage for the boat owner to have more horsepower but less weight. At this point; Suzuki, which has been working on R&D for a long time, has developed the DF350A. The engine weighs 727 kg and provides 350 horsepower. Compared to Suzuki’s other boat engine model, the DF300BMD, it is 30 kg lighter and has 50 horsepower more. This is a detail that contributes to the boat going faster.

Details to Improve Engine Performance

There are some factors that affect the performance of an engine. Propeller design, gear design, engine assembly, etc. all affect the ‘water retention’ of the engine. Suzuki took no chances at this point. For a long time, it made various observations and tests to make sure that the outboard’s power actually translated into speed. By shifting the crankshift, it shifted the engine’s center of gravity and solved various problems that arose at this point.


DF350A’s Extra Equipment

Suzuki has produced in a way to get the most out of an outboard motor. They have designed the boat to make it smarter.

To increase the durability of the engine, he used a knock sensor monitor to monitor the combustion process. This helps the electronic control module to do its job. Another extra feature is that the outboard is supported by a drive-by-wire control system. What this does: it smooths out the way the engine shifts gears, improving maneuverability.

The ‘lean combustion control system’, which is also found in Suzuki’s other engines, is used in the DF350A to optimize fuel economy. Of course, despite this system, it should not be forgotten that the real result will emerge as a result of the changes in fuel economies around the world…

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