This summer, your inner child is also on vacation!


This summer, your inner child is also on vacation!

Favorite: Fliteboard electric e-foil

Eric Zabaloueff, General Director of, France’s most popular sea toy sales website, chose the most preferred sea toy of the summer for Yacht Life & Travel. Eric’s choice is the Fliteboard. According to the director, ‘the feeling that makes Board preferable… This feeling is flying, dynamic and passionate…’

Fliteboard electric e-foil, the most loved and preferred product of the season, is a kind of surfboard. This board is for surfing in its most luxurious way. It offers the opportunity to glide in the air for about 1h30 to 2h without touching the water on the sea. Thanks to its electric motor, it is possible to surf even on smooth seas. The Fliteboard can reach speeds of up to 57 kilometers per hour. It goes 40 km on a single charge.

Flite Board can be used in all waters. Lake, river, sea, ocean do not affect the use of Fliteboard.

Don’t Try At Home also offers you the opportunity to try this toy. Trials are being held in Marseille and Lac de Serre. Just make an appointment to try it.

You Can Buy From Anywhere In The World offers cargo service to every corner of the world. Is Turkey included? Yes!

Most Actionable: Electric Surfing

For action and adrenaline enthusiasts, Zabaloueff’s recommendation is Electric Surf. Unlike the electric surfing flite board, it touches the water. The difference of electric surfing from normal surfing is that it can go on the water for 25-45 minutes even if there is no wave.

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