• 13 Eylül 2023 
Actress Mine Kılıç & Travel

Actress Mine Kılıç: " ... I leave Göcek and find the bays there or I leave Marmaris and find the bays of Marmaris very wonderful.

  • 25 Ağustos 2023 

The US-based shipyard Nordhavn has started the second production of the 24.5 meter long N80 series. The interiors of the yacht, where comfort and luxury come together, show great differences compared to the first production.

  • 21 Ağustos 2023 

Baroque is a 'stance' that is in our lives but we don't often hear about it. I say 'stance' because this word also represents opposition and difference (Renaissance opposition, for example)

  • 16 Temmuz 2021 
To Antarctica and back without fossil fuels

Manuel Pardi recently returned to his home port of Buenos Aires after a three-month 4,000-mile voyage in Pequod, a restored 28-ft steel-hull sailboat, to the continent of Antarctica. 

  • 11 Haziran 2021 
Verdura Resort Now Open

With Italy soon to be on the all-important green list, Verdura Resort, Sicily is now open for the summer season, with many reasons to welcome guests back.

  • 10 Haziran 2021 
BEST OFF is available to book for charter in the Mediterranean during summer 2021

33mt Custom Line Navetta BEST OFF: the perfect size for an intimate Mediterranean charter holiday in Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Spain, France, and Italy.

  • 20 Mayıs 2021 
Mykonos’ No. 1 Opens its Doors!

Southeast of Mykonos town, on the most iconic sandy beach, stands Kenshō Psarou, the ultra-luxury retreat and the cosmopolitan heartbeat of the Greek island.

  • 21 Ocak 2021 
Discover the Finest Exotic Destinations to Explore by Yachts

Although the classically popular destinations for superyacht charters - such as the Mediterranean, Bahamas and Caribbean - are excellent options, there are further corners of the world that offer exceptional and unique experiences.

  • 15 Ocak 2021 
Thandeka: a taste of Caribbean adventure

Experience a rare piece of yachting history with a Caribbean charter on award-winning Thandeka, a stunning 37m Camper & Nicholsons yacht with an outstanding design pedigree.

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