• 27 Eylül 2023 
Silver Star ve First Hello

Admiral-built 55-meter superyacht Silver Star made her debut before the Monaco Yacht Show.

  • 25 Eylül 2023 
Project Maverick: Floating Showroom Concept

Newly named Project Maverick, the yacht will be used to showcase Quick Group's R&D work in a real-life environment.

  • 25 Eylül 2023 
Moonen 110 & First Contact

The 34-meter Moonen 110 is back in the spotlight with new images. The design is also inspired by the Moonen 84 and 97 models.

  • 22 Eylül 2023 
ML80: 26-Meter ‘Megayacht’ Experience

ML80, the new yacht model created by Unique Yachts and Mostes Shipyard, has been released with its visuals. It has large spaces.

  • 22 Eylül 2023 
M51 Introduces Twin Megayacht Concept

Forge II and Forged, inspired by a volcano, were shared by design studio M51.

  • 21 Eylül 2023 
Liva: Abeking & Rasmussen’s Largest Yacht

Liva, the largest yacht produced by the Abeking & Rasmussen Shipyard, which was founded in 1907, has been delivered to its owner since the year it was founded.

  • 21 Eylül 2023 
Atlantique 65, Columbus Yacht

Columbus Yacht has unveiled its new flagship concept model, the Atlantique 65.

  • 18 Eylül 2023 
Piri Vira 950, Piri Boats’ New Favorite

The Piri Vira 950 is a boat suitable for both sport fishing and comfortable trips, and the cockpits have been kept especially wide in the design of the model.

  • 18 Eylül 2023 
Interior Design Trends for Yachts and Boats in 2023

When it comes to yacht interior design trends, the industry is constantly evolving to provide boat enthusiasts with luxurious and comfortable spaces. Just like residences and hotel interiors, yacht interiors are embracing innovative concepts to deliver an exciting experience.

  • 15 Eylül 2023 
Viya Boat & Unique Models

Viya Boat impresses with its superior seamanship, claim to stability, driving and accommodation comfort.

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