Project Maverick: Floating Showroom Concept


The 24.5 meter long Falcon 80, built in 1996, is in the process of being converted into a floating showroom for The Quick Group. Newly named Project Maverick, the yacht will be used to showcase Quick Group’s R&D work in a real-life environment. Aldo Parisotto, the architect who will bring the yacht back to life, said that he was “attracted by the idea of recycling a motor yacht from the 90s”.

project maverick

Uses Own Products

Quick Group utilizes the latest technologies to increase ecological benefit and improved efficiency. Examples include the silent stabilizer used for strengthening and the aluminum stern platform with fail-safe locking system. The energy-saving lighting system adds both aesthetics and functionality to the boat. The XR6 windlass and BTAC 300S thruster propellers are also among the additions installed on the yacht.

project maverick

Thanks to the company’s own Quick design product, all systems of the yacht can be easily controlled. The chain meter, remote controls, inverter, battery charger, water heaters and synthetic teak are integrated into each other as integrated systems.

Ongoing R&D Process

Michele Marzucco, CEO of the Group: “We embarked on this adventure to create a test bed to develop the integration software. Not only our own products, but also autopilot, navigation electronics, communication and remote diagnostics, etc., everything will work perfectly together. Hardware aside, software development is constantly going on behind the scenes and never stops.”

project maverick

The yacht, which will be on display at the Genoa Boat Show, will be versatile. It is possible to choose Project Maverick for cruising with your family or for hosting clients and members of the media.

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