Honda V-8 Marine Engine


The BF350, which is scheduled to go on sale next year, is an outboard V-8 engine that Honda produces for boats. designed for boats 25 feet and longer, the engine has 350 horsepower.

honda v-8 marine engine

It Will Also Amaze ‘People On Land’

The new model, which will undoubtedly excite Civic fans as well, is the first boat engine Honda has produced in the V-8 class. The Blast system, which improves the ignition timing as a result of the Decelerating throttle, is also among the add-ons. Well, whatever you say this means: a stranded gas system, a cruise control technology that maintains speed. It doesn’t have any relation to the sea conditions or the amount of cargo. One of the plus features of this special engine is that it is compatible with the joystick control panel, which allows multi-engine boats to dock sideways to the dock.

honda v-8 marine engine

Performance Beyond the Predicted

The price of the 765 kg BF350 was originally not going to be announced until next year, but leaked information whispers that its price will be around $ 46,000. When we compare it with other outboard engine prices, it seems that it corresponds to almost the same price as four-cylinder Yamaha engines. As if the BF350 will be suitable for use on multi-engine, oversized boats instead of being used on single-engine boats…

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