• 13 Eylül 2023 
Actress Mine Kılıç & Travel

Actress Mine Kılıç: " ... I leave Göcek and find the bays there or I leave Marmaris and find the bays of Marmaris very wonderful.

  • 12 Eylül 2023 
Fabbro Yachts: Ambitious and Contemporary

"As Fabbro Yachts, we stepped into the yacht industry in 2022. We launched our first boat, the F45 model, in recent months."

  • 11 Eylül 2023 
BATI Innovative Logistics and Industry

"As BATI Innovative Logistics, we aim to introduce the innovative solutions and technological developments we offer to our customers and business partners. We want to emphasize our leading position in the sector"

  • 6 Eylül 2023 
Interior Design for Yachts by Cansu Aybar

Yacht interior design encompasses a range of factors such as practicality, comfort, aesthetics and functionality. This design process is carried out with the owner's and guests' expectations in mind. Interior design includes elements such as spacious spaces, high-quality materials, ergonomic furniture and lighting systems. The color palette, choice of textiles and decorative details are also important.

  • 26 Ocak 2021 

CBSPRO is specialized in supplying Concept Designs, Refitting Designs and Engineering. CBSPRO provide their services to shipyards, owners and involved parties within the Super Yacht Building and Maritime Industry.

  • 4 Ocak 2021 
The Many Shades of Perfect Yachting

Interview with Artemis Georgatou, CEO of Perfect Yachts. Feeling the love of the sea since early childhood, Artemis Georgatou was predestined to connect her future life with sailing.

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