We introduced many eco-friendly boats to you in our magazine, but we did not introduce anything like Faro Boats. When we came to the green yachts section, it was shining in the corner of the Festival because it was different from all boats with its sustainable solution adapted to its brand new classic style.

The solar solution Faro Boats used for the first time in the world is that it can go without a connection for a long time with its battery that can be charged immediately within 2 hours and can be charged as it sees the sun anytime, anywhere.

Faro Boats, the 16ft boat is outfitted with a style inspired by 1920s boats. For this reason, we recognize him as soon as we see him, and we go to him and learn about his features. Faro 5 has all the features you can see in a speedboat, but it is also a 100 percent electric boat. The V shape of the hull is made for the sea and can comfortably accommodate 5 people. It redefines luxury with details around the cockpit, fridge, cup holder, and marine speakers.

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