Efficient Fleet Management in Turkey = Analysis+Knowledge

The pandemic, the chip crisis, supply shortages and rising costs are common global challenges for the companies with large numbers of vehicles in their fleets. When we take into account the problems specific to Turkey, such as the frequent changes in exchange rates, it has become even more difficult to set up an efficient fleet management.

Filo Broker managers Okşan Öztürk and Oytun Gül Malkoç, who have been providing fleet consultancy services to Turkish organizations of global companies since 2014, think that companies should focus more on their fleets.


“For many companies in Turkey, fleets are among the biggest operational costs after HR expenses. In these days, with the difficulties in finding a vehicle for various reasons and increasing costs, many companies prefer to extend their existing car rental agreements. However, to set up sustainable fleets is now only possible with analysis.”

“Analysis, analysis, more analysis”

 “Each company’s mobility needs are unique. When these differences are well analyzed, they also mean savings. When we analyze the usage habits of the fleets in detail, we obtain a clear game plan for each company. Determining the mileage limits correctly for each vehicle in the fleet is one of the most critical issues. Defining an under or over mileage limit returns as overshoot penalties or inefficiency. A company-specific analysis creates the roadmap for flexible lease agreements tailored to the needs of that company. With this perspective, we have been helping our customers save money with our fleet analysis, fleet consultancy and tender consultancy services in Turkey for 8 years.”


“We also include fleet vehicle users”


“Fleet management, which is usually the responsibility of administrative, purchasing or HR units in Turkey, causes a very serious workload.


Vehicle users who are constantly on the field, on the other hand, are often not informed about the contract details of the rental vehicle they use, the rights they have or what to do when they encounter a problem.


All the problems they experience, big or small, return to the responsible units as a workload.


With the FiloCep application we developed, we significantly reduce the workload by including fleet vehicle users in the game.


Thanks to this app, we get the opportunity to take regular mileage information from car users who can find answers to many questions about the rental car they use, and to take precautions against mileage limit problems that may occur at the end of the term.”


“We save time with contract and tender consultancy”


Apart from our fleet consultancy services, we have many customers that we serve only during tender periods. Thanks to our experience in the fleet leasing sector, we become a part of our customers’ teams throughout the tender process so that they can make the right purchase.


The main purpose of our contract and tender consultancy is to build a fleet culture by creating a sustainable fleet structure with an optimal procurement.


We take over the responsibility of a very important process ranging from supplier identification to contract negotiation and vehicle delivery, which is very time consuming for departments and is also prone to error.


“The key to successful fleets in Turkey: Diversity”


Due to the changing conditions in Turkey after the pandemic, as a result of our analysis, we advise some of our customers not to build their fleets only from rented vehicles.

We report that they should add vehicles purchased with various advantages to their fleets or include innovative systems such as carsharing, which has significant corporate benefits, into their fleets.

With our knowledge and experience on the mobility needs of organizations in Turkey, we offer all necessary support for a better fleet management to global organizations in Turkey

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