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There is no doubt that there are many different boat models in the world. As such, many models of engines are also produced to keep these boats running.

It is important to choose engines that differ in terms of fuel, size, length and power in accordance with the type of boat. An example of this is the weight and size of the boat. For example, a powerful and large engine is not suitable for a small and light boat. It would overpower and upset the balance. In our article, we have included a few powerful and robust engine models on the market, so let’s take a look:

Yamaha F2.5bmhs 2.5hp manual marine engine

Yamaha F2.5bmhs, one of the quality outboards, has an engine power of 2.5 hp and a weight of 17 kg. Thanks to its light weight, it doesn’t add any extra weight to the boat, which is an advantage in terms of speed. With a shaft length of 43.3 cm, this Yamaha model is suitable for use on many boat and dinghy models. Ideal for use on small boats and inflatables.powerful marine engineSuzuki DF 6 manual 4-stroke marine engine

With a weight of 25 kg and 6 hp, the Suzuki DF 6 is a reasonable engine for small boats with a plus value in terms of price-performance. The 138 cc cylinder displacement of the model with its short shaft makes it a fast and powerful option.

powerful marine engine

Tohatsu MFS 9.8 A3 L manual marine engine

Delivered to its owner under a two-year warranty, Tohatsu MFS 9.8 is suitable for large and tall boats with its long shaft structure. The engine has 9.8 hp and weighs 37 kg. Boat owners in the fishing, medium and large segments can prefer Tohatsu’s 4-stroke manual marine engine.

powerful marine engine

Mercury F9.9 ML long shaft marine engine

Mercury F9.9 with its long shaft and powerful 9.9 hp engine is ideal for use in large boats. The model with an engine volume of 209 cc, which creates powerful thrust, runs on 4-stroke. Like the Suzuki DF 6, the product, which is advantageous in terms of price-performance, is one of the most demanded marine engines.

powerful marine engine

Honda BF2.3 manual marine engine

The 360-degree maneuverable Honda BF2.3 is suitable for inflatable boats with its short shaft length. The engine, which has a five-year warranty period, has a power of 2.3 hp and runs on 4-stroke. It does not cause any problems during special navigation in shallow waters.

powerful marine engine

Yamaha F60 FETL trimmed steering marine engine

The most powerful model among the engines we have listed is the Yamaha F60 FETL. With a maximum power of 60 hp, it has a very efficient performance. The engine with 996 cc cylinder volume is ideal for large and heavy boats with its long shaft structure. Moreover, it offers a three-year warranty.

powerful marine engine

Suzuki DF 20 AEL outboard marine motor

With a weight of 52.5 kg and a long shaft, the Suzuki DF 20 is suitable for large and medium-sized boats. The 20 hp engine power and the easily movable arm, which is good for practical use, are the elements that add high efficiency to the boat. There is a 12-liter fuel tank where you can easily create your route without worrying about ‘will we be stranded’ when you sail.

powerful marine engine

Mercury 20 hp outboard marine engine

The Mercury 20 hp marine engine, which can be started with a starter or manually, is a model suitable for heavy boats with its 12-liter fuel tank and 20 hp power. If you are a person who likes to speed with the boat; its big and thick propeller is for you.

powerful marine engine

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