Freesbee Makes a Bombshell Entry into Turkey


Appealing to free spirits and those who want to complete their own style, Freesbee has taken its place among the trends of the season with its Dream, Urban and Daily collections.

The Dream collection is designed not only for those who want to be stylish, but also for those who see fashion as part of their personal expression.

This collection is the perfect option for those who want to shine under the hot sun. With top quality and the most striking designs, Dream is ready to inspire your style. By choosing a piece that reflects your style and makes you feel special, you can enjoy expressing yourself while enjoying the sun.


The Urban collection stands out with designs inspired by street fashion.

Reflecting the dynamism and energy of city life, these sunglasses are the perfect choice to complement your style both in daily life and in special moments. For those looking for a modern look and effective sun protection, the Urban collection stands out with its high quality acetate material, polarized lenses and eye-catching designs.

Daily Collection stands out with its innovative design, elegant details and wide color options that will energize your daily elegance.

Discover the perfect Daily collection to complement your style while enjoying the sun! Protect your eyes against the harmful rays of the sun and reflect your style. With its lightweight and comfortable structure, high quality acetate material, polarized lenses and stylish models that you can wear daily, the seasonless collection will accompany your every moment.

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