Motor Yacht

  • 27 Eylül 2023 
Silver Star ve First Hello

Admiral-built 55-meter superyacht Silver Star made her debut before the Monaco Yacht Show.

  • 25 Eylül 2023 
Project Maverick: Floating Showroom Concept

Newly named Project Maverick, the yacht will be used to showcase Quick Group's R&D work in a real-life environment.

  • 25 Eylül 2023 
Moonen 110 & First Contact

The 34-meter Moonen 110 is back in the spotlight with new images. The design is also inspired by the Moonen 84 and 97 models.

  • 22 Eylül 2023 
ML80: 26-Meter ‘Megayacht’ Experience

ML80, the new yacht model created by Unique Yachts and Mostes Shipyard, has been released with its visuals. It has large spaces.

  • 21 Eylül 2023 
Atlantique 65, Columbus Yacht

Columbus Yacht has unveiled its new flagship concept model, the Atlantique 65.

  • 19 Eylül 2023 
Suzuki and the Motor World

Suzuki, famous for its motorcycles, produces many engine products, including boat engines.

  • 18 Eylül 2023 
Piri Vira 950, Piri Boats’ New Favorite

The Piri Vira 950 is a boat suitable for both sport fishing and comfortable trips, and the cockpits have been kept especially wide in the design of the model.

  • 15 Eylül 2023 
Viya Boat & Unique Models

Viya Boat impresses with its superior seamanship, claim to stability, driving and accommodation comfort.

  • 14 Eylül 2023 
Queen Tati: Built to Special Requests

The 38-meter-long custom-designed Queen Tati with a dynamic structure is a large family boat that you can use for generations.

  • 12 Eylül 2023 
Pink Shadow Delivered to The Owner

Pink Shadow, which received a valid grade from the sea trials in April, has been delivered to its owner and is going on its first voyage. The superyacht was specially built.

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