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You will be amazed by Teodora 4.90 SLN’s superior seamanship, stability, driving and accommodation comfort.

With its smart interior design and modular structure that makes a difference, it can serve any purpose. With the optional parts, you can turn the bow of your boat into a sunbathing area or a seating area with a table that can be easily used by five people. The standard design, on the other hand, offers you a unique usage area especially for jig fishing.

Superior maneuverability, underbody structure that ensures maximum engine efficiency, quiet and safe driving comfort, eye-catching and unusual interior design are the prominent features of Teodora 4,90 SLN.

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Teodora 5.90 BRC fiber boat attracts attention with its high efficiency rate, robust structure, high-level safety measures, driving and accommodation comfort.

If you wish, you can put a toilet, refrigerator, icebox, etc. in the under-console locker and store more of your belongings here. Teodora 5.90 BRC’s hull is uniquely robust thanks to its composite keel design and three-wall structure. With waterproof hatches, gutters surrounding the bottom and rain drains, your boat is safe in heavy rains.

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The smallest model of the Teodora series is the Teodora 4.75 PRN. Small in size, it is impossible to call it small in hull.

Made of fiber, the boat is arguably the best in its class. Think of it like this; three adults climb on the gunwale and the boat does not lean at all. A real design marvel in terms of stability. The engine-hull efficiency of Teodora 4,75 PRN is at a high level. With a 20 HP engine, the average speed is 20 miles. Another feature of the Teodora series is its smart interior design and modular structure. With a small modification, your fishing boat can be transformed into a cruising boat.

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