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You are on screens with a new summer series. What is your set environment like? How are the shootings going?

Hello, the mood is great. I am very happy because I work in a very good set environment. The set is very fun. We have a lot of fun in the team. I can say that I haven’t worked in such a fun project for a long time and I enjoyed being in it.

How would you interpret the character of Meryem that you play in the series? What is she like and what is her place in the story?

Meryem is an irrational character. She has the ability to think and make decisions very quickly; but of course she makes some mistakes in this fast process. She is famous for her slips of the tongue and blunders. She is a very funny character. He is Leyla’s best friend, they are like brothers. He is in our gang; he is sometimes the mentor, sometimes the savior and sometimes the one who gets in the way with his blunders. He is a funny character with a lot of energy. We can say that he is a character I am very happy to play.

actress mine kılıç

You arouse curiosity with your attitude, your stance in life and many other characteristics. What kind of Mine is behind this personality?

I don’t define myself as a character that would arouse a lot of curiosity. The things that people usually wonder about have not become a lifestyle that I prioritize in my life. I spend a lot of my free time in nature, camping quietly among the trees or with my small group of friends I mentioned, going away for two or three days, camping in the most unspoiled place possible, having a caravan vacation, going in and out of the sea a lot, traveling by boat as much as possible. That’s why my love for animals is at the highest level. Nature, animals, soil, trees, trees, sea birds and insects, I prefer to rest myself with them as much as possible when I don’t have to work. In the near future, I am preparing a life form for myself in which I will learn to live in nature in a much more minimal way. The people who are interested in these are probably the people I arouse curiosity in.

Your love for nature is obvious. Could you explain your relationship with nature?

Yes, if my relationship with nature catches your eye, it is true because as I said, I like to shape my whole life based on those values. Every moment I disconnect my existence in life from nature makes me very unhappy. It makes me sick. Because I know where my healing is, I find that womb in all the places where I feel sick; I find the two similar, like mother nature. It becomes my escape and I try to take my healing and get back into the rhythm of my life.

actress mine kılıç

Are there any destinations in Turkey that you would not end your summer without visiting? Which destinations would you recommend to our readers?

I like untouched places, places where there are no facilities, no businesses, where you can only camp if possible, or at most you can enter with a caravan… With my own group, places and locations that are as untouched as no one else. Therefore, if I am going to recommend such a place, every single bay and every corner of Muğla. Marmaris, Bozburun, Akyaka are places I can recommend because of the density of trees and forests. It is much, much better than places like Izmir, Çeşme, Alaçatı. If I am organizing something related to boats and yachts, I leave Göcek and find the bays there or leave Marmaris and find the bays of Marmaris very wonderful. I can say them. In the winter months, there are very nice places to camp in the most forested places possible, for example in Yedigöller. There are Longoz Forests. They are more preferable in winter. These can be possible.

Finally, can we get some hints about your series? What awaits the audience?

I would love to give hints about the series, but we don’t have a stock of episodes. As soon as we finish the episode we are shooting, a new episode comes as soon as it’s over and this is our working rhythm, so I don’t have any information about the next few episodes. The only thing I can say is that it is progressing with a fiction and dramatology that is gradually making itself the best it can be. I can say that we are waiting for a story that satisfies us very much as actors and that everyone can get more and more into and enjoy as we watch it, episode by episode.

actress mine kılıç

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