It has been 10 years since the Iguana Mobility System was fitted to the first model in 2011. Built with a robust and simple mechanism, the IMS is made to last.

What is the Iguana Mobility System?

The Iguana Mobility System (IMS) is a retractable powertrain allowing 50HP propulsion via a combustion engine (hydraulic transmissions) or an electric motor (Li-ion battery).

For versatility and comfort, each track is made of eight pairs of wheels suspended on four carbon steel blades.

What makes this mobility system unique?

 The track system

  • All-terrain: our choice puts agility and motor functions before speed. The ground pressure is no more than ½ bar so you can go on soft ground without getting stuck.
  • Agility: the tracks allow forward and reverse movement including spot turn, anything is possible. Importantly, the Iguana Mobility System has a 1 meter high ground clearance, allowing the Iguana to scale up to 22 degrees / 40% inclines on all surfaces.
  • Easy and robust: the tracks are operated independently, therefore there is no need for a complex steering system. Each track is connected to an unidirectional joystick so driving is child’s play.

Powertrain kinematics

  • Robustness: the dimensions of the aluminium structure and the hull link pins are engineered and tested to withstand excessive impact.
  • Precision: to achieve the perfect fitting of the IMS into the hull, the production team have developed specific tools and techniques. This ensures perfect alignement every time.
  • Discretion: the Iguana Mobility System is designed to fit perfectly into the hull without sacrificing the performance of the boat. It takes precision and experience to perfectly install the legs and ensure the hydrodynamics of the hull are maintained.


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