39M Mangusta Oceano Hull n.1 SOLD [New Construction]

Ultramar Yachts is proud to announce the sale of the 39 meter New Construction Mangusta Oceano  39 hull n.1. 

MO39 is a new member in the Mangusta Oceano Family, and has become the new entry level of  the Displacement Line of MangustaMangusta’s Oceano line started with the multi award winning model Mangusta Oceano 42 hull n.1  NAMASTE sold by Ultramar Yachts in 2014 and delivered in 2016.  After she was delivered, the model became an icon in the industry and the shipyard delivered 6  units in just 5 years. 

By going forward with the shipyard’s new philosophy, where design is done for a purpose, this  new project is envisioned again together with Alberto ManciniMangusta Oceano 39m is the first in its segment to connect inner and outer spaces by hidden  transitions between 3 flash decks and the largest sliding glass doors. 

Using the models motto “one cut above the rest”, Mangusta Oceano 39 is a game changer in the  market in this size to stay just under 299 gross tonnage and she is able to check all the boxes of  a Superyacht. Three levels of beach area, massive exterior decks and infinity pools are some of  the outstanding features of the model. The continuation of the materials between the outside and  the inside areas, provides communication between the interior living and exterior bridge areas.  This creates a different infinite feeling in each area, making the boat a luxurious glass villa on  the sea within the DNA of Mangusta; innovation, performance and supreme engineering.


Nihan de Pessôa-Pardellas  said that: “I have been working with Mangusta since 2010  and I am mesmerized by the shipyard’s leading  engineering and quality of construction. In all  with Alberto Mancini’s great vision in yacht  design, I am a fan of Oceano Line. Thanks to the meticulous approach of the whole Mangusta  team, the process of new-building always is a  very pleasant experience.” 


Mangusta Oceano 39 is scheduled to be delivered to her owner in summer 2023. Special  Thanks to the Sales Area Manager, Nicolo Strocco and to the Owner and CEO of Mangusta  Yachts, Maurizio Balducci, who worked closely with Ultramar Yachts’ founder Nihan de  Pessôa-Pardellas to successfully complete this transaction.


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