Award Winning Ecological Marine: Çeşme Marina

Turkey has become more and more known for its marinas and ports day by day. To be honest, we can say that it is already too late. Because the geography we live in is an area where harbors are hundreds of years old. Our country, which carries the traces of the ancient civilizations of Anatolia, has started to give importance to the marinas and ports of our Aegean, especially.

Turkey’s most popular holiday resort, there is Cesme Marina in a historical and strategic Mediterranean port settlement in a sheltered bay. Marina is on the agenda with the environmentalist awards it has received recently. The marina is surrounded by the natural olive trees of İzmir. The marina management also produced olive oil from these trees and was deemed worthy of two awards.

With all its awards, it looks like it will hold an important place in Turkey’s increasing maritime sector activities. With a capacity of 400 boats at sea and 100 boats on land, the marina can serve boats up to 60 meters in length, as well as offer different options to its guests with its new yacht club, restaurants, bars and cafes.

In the bazaar area of ​​the marina, which has been open for 12 months, as well as stylish and peaceful restaurants, clothing and accessories stores, yacht sales and rental offices, sailing school, optics, art gallery, design stores, music and book store, technology market, children’s playground and unique There is a 6-room Marina Guesthouse with a view of the marina and Çeşme.

Selected as the Best Superyacht Marina of the Aegean by ACREW in 2020, Çeşme Marina is in a perfect location to explore the Aegean Sea and its beautiful islands with daily cruises.

Çeşme peninsula can offer much different entertainment and sports activities for its super yacht guests. Cesme Marina meets all kinds of technical/mechanical needs with duty-free refueling for super yachts, waste collection service, electricity and water up to 400 amps.

The environmental projects of Turkey’s most awarded superyacht marina, which is fully equipped, impress us so much that we ask the Cesme Marina management about everything we are curious about.


– Çeşme Marina draws attention both in Turkey and in the world with the projects it produces in the field of sustainability. Who are the architects of these projects and how did they develop?


As Cesme Marina, in the activities we carry out with our sustainable future understanding; we always prioritize the impact on the environment and keep this impact at a minimum level. From the filter system applied in the undercoat washing waters to the environmentally friendly cleaning products used in the sanitary units; We maintain zero waste awareness, including many ongoing environmental sustainability-based environmental projects. It prevents wastage by delivering the organic food wastes generated in our enterprises to the shelters; We raise awareness among our guests with the Zero Waste booklet created. In addition, we undertake the maintenance of approximately 100 olive trees in the marina and aim to increase awareness of the environment, recycling or water saving with the training of our personnel. With all these and similar practices implemented in the marina, Çeşme Marina was awarded the “Zero Waste Certificate”.



– We know that marinas create pollution on the seabed if we are not careful. How do you deal with this type of pollution?


Within the scope of the project carried out jointly with the Çeşme District Directorate of Agriculture and the Coast Guard Command, we release sea eggplants caught as a result of poaching into the sheltered sea area of ​​our marina to maintain the ecosystem and increase its population. In our observations, we saw that sea eggplants adapt and develop very well to the seabed. Sea eggplants break down the organic wastes in the seabed and keep the bottom structure clean. We can call them living recyclers of the seabed. Thus, they contribute to the improvement of water quality.


We use the aerator system to improve seawater quality in regions with low water circulation. With the four pumps we have modified, we ventilate the seawater throughout the year and ensure the oxygen content and water circulation in the water.



– What do you expect from boat owners?


While we implement all these practices mentioned in Çeşme Marina, we also ensure that our boat owners are aware of them through brochures and publications. In this way, we remind you of the attention and care that will support the sustainability of our activities and expect them to have a minimum impact on the environment.



– How did the idea of ​​the Green Marina receive feedback from the boat owners? Did you observe a characteristic transformation?


We receive positive feedback from our boat owners about the environmental projects and practices that have been implemented, and we increase the awareness of our boat owners on the subject thanks to these studies.


Cesme Marina, one of the most awarded marinas in Turkey and the world, awaits its visitors with its team that has a professional understanding of service and prioritizes customer satisfaction.



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