One of Cannes’ innovative and environmentally friendly solutions was at Seabubbles’ booth. A sustainable French brand with a hydrofoil system introduced its first hybrid boat. Launched as a flying boat, Seabuble sets off with its 0 emission technology and motto.

Exciting with the appearance of a submarine, Seabubbles has a range of 50 miles and a speed of up to 22 knots. Designed for everyday use, Seabubble is also effective and fun as a sea toy. Seabubble With this electric hydrofoil, which offers 360-degree viewing angles, people can feel like they are flying on the water.

The French government has been on the agenda with its Green transformation projects in recent years. The French brand is also one of the supporters of these projects. The brand, which supports the country’s policy of completely switching to renewable energy by 2030, aims to set an example to the world with its hybrid electric model and its uniqueness.

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