Captain Style Teamwork Training Model

In our trainings, the relationship between the sailing boat and the business world is simulated within the framework of the “Captain Style Teamwork Training Model”, which we use as a metaphor.

The boat environment and the business environment are very similar to each other. The boat itself, the operation; captain, leader; crew, crew members; competitor boats, competitor businesses; wind conditions, economic conditions and racing rules; refer to competition rules.

Under these conditions and with limited resources available, the team is expected to make strategic decisions and implement them together. Using the boat and environmental conditions as an economic metaphor ensures that the participants stay within this metaphor and offers the opportunity to easily apply the knowledge they have acquired and the roles they have assumed.



Stage 1 “Create Your Team And Ready To Game”

In this study, which will be carried out in the first part of the day after the safety briefing is given to the team, basic sailing knowledge will be given. In this context, the team’s fast learning competencies come to the fore. In this section, the team’s ability to work in harmony and coordination in a different environment, learning abilities, cooperation, problem solving and coping with uncertainty are evaluated.

Stage 2 “Evaluate Environmental Conditions”

In the second part of the day, a race simulation will be held between the teams to test the team’s efficiency and environmental awareness competence. At this stage, the team’s adaptation to constantly changing environmental conditions and their behavior as a team in the competitive environment are evaluated.


References: Kechisailing

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