Denebox Easily Connects Brands and Users


Denebox was established in 2023 with the coming together of three partners who are experts in their fields and continues its operations as an organization that provides advertising and marketing services for brands. Özlem Genç, one of the founding partners of the brand, gave important information about new generation marketing.

It organizes surveys by reaching large consumer masses and conducts target audience segmentation. With the motivation of having a trial product, users have a platform where they can share their ideas and opinions for the products they try. By filtering the pre-segmented users according to the common target audience of the brands, it sends multiple shipments and provides average cost optimization.

Trialability of Products is an Important Factor for Brands in Terms of Statistics

It is highly effective in understanding consumer preferences, measuring the success of the product, gaining competitive advantage, and supporting marketing and sales strategies. The trialability of products allows consumers to have real experiences and interact with the product. This is exciting for a brand. Denebox enables brands to better understand consumer preferences. Trials allow consumers to evaluate the features, quality and usability of the product. This feedback provides important information for brands to improve their products and better respond to consumer demands. Trialability is an important metric for measuring product success. In this way, the brand can evaluate the likability, user satisfaction and potential sales performance of its products based on trial results. This data guides the product development process and the formulation of marketing strategies.

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