Do You Know Where Your Boat Is?

IoT technologies have entered almost every aspect of our lives and provide great convenience nowadays, and the marine industry is no exception in this sense. Vanemar offers boat owners peace of mind with its Smart Boat Monitoring System, designed for all kinds of boats.


Vanemar allows boat owners to monitor the boat remotely from their mobile phones. Also, the system warns boaters before things become costly and give them a chance to intervene early in situations such as the possibility of fire, high bilge water, a dead battery, unauthorized entry attempts, and more.


Customizable and extendable

Vanemar offers a flexible solution for boaters by allowing them to design their system with support for up to 20 wireless sensors. Thus, boat owners can arrange the system for their significant needs according to the features like battery voltage level, bilge water level, the presence of smoke in the kitchen or engine room, temperature and humidity of the area they want to know or unauthorized entry attempts, etc.

Installed in minutes

Thanks to its wireless design and “Do it yourself” concept, the system can be installed and commissioned in less than an hour without any special equipment, cutting, or drilling on the boat.

Compatible with any boat

Vanemar does not require any existing equipment onboard; nevertheless, it can work with them if available. You can monitor data from existing devices on your boat, like engine hours, tank levels, transducer data, and more., via NMEA2000 integration support.

Globally connected

Vanemar system has global connectivity built-in that works in 200 countries and 550 carrier partners globally. This way, users can travel between countries and always stay online without extra roaming fees.

Integrated with marinas

One of the unique features of the Vanemar system is the offering of integration with marinas. This feature, which has already been developed and used in contracted marinas, aims to raise the security of more marinas to the next level with worldwide integrations in the future. With this feature, Vanemar can also transmit the alarms and warnings of the boats in the marina, depending on the user’s consent, to the authorized marina personnel, enabling them to intervene even more quickly.


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