Eco-Friendly Megayacht Obsidian


At 84.2 meters in length, Obsidian is the Dutch shipyard’s first new generation low-emission model. Designed with the latest hybrid propulsion system, the eco-friendly megayacht has performed above expectations during trial runs.

Electric System

Obsidian, which has 90 percent lower carbon emissions compared to traditional yachts powered by phosphorous fuels, uses second-generation biodiesel (HVO). The yacht, which exudes an authentic air with its futuristic exterior, is equipped with biofuel generators. The energy required by the electric steering and propulsion system is supplied by a pair of optimized thrusters. This ensures maximum efficiency and minimum vibration. The asymmetrical staircase and the large windows that lead to the dining room on the lower deck give the yacht a great aesthetic appeal. This area, which is 75 cm above sea level, makes you feel like you are in the sea.

eco-friendly megayacht



Eco-Friendly Megayacht, Less Damaging to the Environment

The double curved full-length windows were preferred to create the observation lounge. The megayacht can sail 35 nautical miles at a speed of 10 knots with only the power it receives from the batteries; the batteries can operate silently for 10-15 hours. Thanks to its use of HVO; it has 27 percent less environmental impact than a yacht of the same size launched five years ago. This puts Obsidian in the category of an environmentally friendly boat.

eco-friendly megayacht

A Lighter Design

Although one might think that the louvered aft deck overhangs were chosen for the yacht’s appearance, this design was actually chosen to save weight. Thanks to the aluminum superstructure connected to carbon fiber, the amount of weight is reduced and unobstructed visibility is created. The regular appearance of the deck also depends on this detail. Obsidian’s two tenders, produced by Tenderworks, are also electrically powered. Four charging stations or a tender garage can be preferred for charging the tenders.

eco-friendly megayacht

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