8th Mermaid International Sailing Cup Champion Eker Sailing Team


Eker Sailing Team, representing Eker Dairy in the 8th Mermaid International Sailing Cup this year, came first in both the IRC 3 Division and the IRC 3-4 Overall.

The 8th Mermaid International Women’s Sailing Cup, which aims to increase women’s interest in sailing and train new athletes, was organized under the auspices of the Turkish Sailing Federation in cooperation with the Istanbul Offshore Yacht Racing Club on September 2-3 at Caddebostan Course. The organization, in which corporate, individual and university women’s sailing teams as well as international women’s sailing teams could participate, was held with the slogan “Sailing for Goodness”.

Known for its support of sailing, Eker Dairy Company was among the organizations competing in the 8th Mermaid International Sailing Cup. Eker Sailing Team, representing the brand in the event and competing with the Eker Legendary DAS Dojo boat, came first in both IRC 3 Division and IRC 3-4 Overall. The sailing team, consisting of Eker’s female employees, also won the title of being the first team to launch a balloon in the organization, which included three float races on the first day and a geographical route race on the second day.



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