Launched in Germany this August, Elida is a 15m offshore racer cruiser featuring a timber hull and carbon fibre deck, designed for offshore racing and cruising. Thomas Tison , owner of the design and engineering firm that designed Elida, described her as the embodiment of yachting.

“Elida is not a machine. Her design considers the sailors, all of their senses, and the environment”.

The result is a yacht that distinctly deviates from the current trend of super-fast, minimalist, carbon fibre racing boats. Elida is a blend of curved and tensed lines, with a pronounced flare, inverted sheer line and rounded turn of the bilge. Her gentle and flowing lines enhance both the comfort and the on-board liveability.The team conducted an extensive study on successful past competitors, which showed that a low wetter area hull with high flare was the most suitable option. This type of hull shape works well upwind, with good seakeeping properties it is ideal for the light to medium wind condition which occurs most often in regattas.

Several layouts were explored throughout the design process with ease of movement, perspective, light, and storage being the essential requirements for both racing and cruising.

The aft cabins are open to the main living section, expanding the area for a longer cockpit and providing an improved feeling of space, thus saving weight and facilitating crew movements.

Many details that are normally not explored when designing a 15m sailing yacht were taken into account, such as the acoustic isolation and the ventilation system



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