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Italia Yachts, Sky Marine’s distributor in Turkey, continues to produce high-end sailing boats that combine elegance, performance and comfort. Offering an exceptional sailing experience, the IY series is a popular choice among sailing enthusiasts looking for a luxury yacht.

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The IY 11.98 Bellissima represents the essence of both racing and cruising. And this is not just the shipyard’s claim. It’s also said by the owners, who have had success on the racetrack and then use them for cruising with their children to continue enjoying the boat.

The IY 12.98 Bellissima is more dedicated to cruising, but still has a strong racing spirit. It expresses itself well in races, including long distance competitions, and in any case gives the feeling of great fun while sailing.

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Development Oriented Designs

Continuing to work on the development of its models, Italia Yachts is focused on the entire production; from the hull lamination in infusion; to the delivery of the finished product. In its new shipyard in Fano, it has started the production of the entire range. The reason for this innovation is to have the best quality control throughout the entire production process.

At the same time, work is underway to make the fleet increasingly technological and environmentally sustainable. “We are looking at all possibilities to have an environmentally conscious approach and improve the environmental impact of our boats,” says Elise Wahart, materials engineer: “We want to take a 360-degree approach and work on every stage of the boat’s life cycle. We are moving forward with categorizations of production, use and end-of-life. The main developments relate to bio resins and thermoplastic resins, marine plywood, electric and hybrid propulsion, and other aspects of boat handling and maintenance. We will incorporate new greener solutions into the design process for a sustainable future.”

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Italia Yachts will be exhibiting the 11.98 and 12.98 models at Port Canto stand 167 at the Cannes Fair in September.

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