This month we choose Tuzla Marina as our residence where we could follow a lot of our proud Turkish brands that launched their new products one by one into the water in this time of the year.

TENDR was one of these brands. TENDR, which launched its new production the RIB Gulliver 1300, is a steady brand in the world market with more than 20 years of experience in, especially, the Netherlands. Gulliver’s design is classic with a modern touch and matches perfectly with the brand’s colors in this version. That the Gulliver has a Design Category B certification, is a big advantage because it can sail on the open sea easily.

Gulliver drew our attention immediately as soon as he entered the Marina with his 13-meter length. His width is 3 meters 75 cm. With a double inboard Yanmar 250 Horsepower engine, this boat can easily reach speeds up to 24 knots. After we were invited on board, we fell in love with it even more. Because its speed, sound and comfort, it welcomes us with hospitality, just like its producers.

The complete front deck is spacious and it’s easy to walk on the path and get to the steps to enter the aft deck. There is the opportunity to create a spacious sunbed at the front deck, two people can sunbathe here comfortable on the luxurious sunbed that was specially designed for this area. The generous aft deck is wide. The u-shaped seating group for 12-14 people and the steering position are here. With this version the color of the teak floor integrates smoothly with the boat and also refers to the recognizable colors of the TENDR brand. An impressive aspect and big advantage of this boat is that, because the steering position is at the aft deck and forms part of the main seating arrangement, the captain can also be part of the fun with other guests on board. Storage areas are large in this area, and in this version, there is also a refrigerator on the outer deck.

In the main cabin you can find a sitting group for six people, which can easily be transformed into a double bed, and a well-equipped kitchen that includes an electric stove, sink with water tap and a combi micro-oven. The cabinets in the kitchen offers lots of space for storage just like the extra space under the sitting group. From the cabin there is access to the separate bathroom, toilet and master bedroom. And again, also these areas are well designed with enough space to move around and to store your belongings. You can see that the producers paid attention to new developments and a high level of finishing and decoration.

In the mini yacht segment this model takes the concept for family boat, with its spacious cabin area and closed bathroom and suitable for the Turkish seas, one step further; It offers groups of family and/or friends a combined solution for relaxation, socializing, enjoying the nautical life and hobbies as fishing in just one area. This boat makes it all possible because of the functional basic design that can be optimized and customized with several different options to match your personal needs.


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