Electric boats, which are a big step towards the use of cleaner energy sources, are among the most preferred marine vehicles by users. The current favorite of electric boats, which has become a part of the recreational electric boat market, is the HALEVAI 2050.

Frank Heindinger, co-founder and CEO of US-based electric boat and motor manufacturer Halevai, emphasized that the electric marine vehicles are now as important as electric cars for a sustainable environment.

“Sea transportation, which does not receive as much attention as land transportation in individual transportation, is very important for sustainability, especially with sailing boats. Sea transportation with electric boats has becoming more attractive,” said Frank Heindinger, and attracted attention with their HALEVAI2050.

Halevai’s HALEVAI 2050, the first prototypes of which started to be prepared in the USA in the summer of 2022, is an 8-meter-long boat with a 10-seat capacity. This boat with dual battery option has a range of 50 miles. HALEVAI2050, which starts at $95 thousand, provides 60 percent savings in the fuel and maintenance costs of the boat.


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