New Invictus Capoforte Store by Nautica Bertelli opened in Santa Margherita Ligure

Invictus Yacht style lands in Santa Margherita Ligure, one of the gems of the Tigullio Gulf and a must-see destination for Mediterranean yachting.

The new Invictus Capoforte store by Nautica Bertelli was inaugurated on 25 June. During the evening, participants were able to admire some of the shipyard’s models moored at a dedicated jetty: the flagship TT460, the successful GT320 and three hulls from the Capoforte collection, the CX280, FX270 and FX190.

This store was born out of the need to create a place where customers can enter the Invictus Yacht world in a way that differs from the classic exhibition space,” explains Christian Grande, who, as well as being the shipyard’s designer, also designed the new Santa Margherita Ligure store. “A sales office designed like a haute couture atelier, where you can configure your own model, tailoring it to the owner’s needs, or you can discover all the new products from the shipyard.”

Invictus style lands on the quayside too

In order to allow visitors to the store to breathe in the Invictus philosophy, Christian Grande has chosen to use the same finishes, woods and leathers found on board the Italian shipyard’s models.

We chose these materials because we wanted to recreate the same stylistic codes as Invictus Yacht, but in different ways,” continues Christian Grande. “First of all, the presence of the windows that flood the spaces with natural light allowed us to use dark tones in a different way than on board a boat. As for the furniture, it would have been trivial to use a boat table or a director’s folding chair. We therefore opted for modern and functional furniture that was not excessive, as in the Invictus philosophy, which we have adjusted here according to the needs of an office.”

Invictus Yacht owners and enthusiasts will also find a corner in the store dedicated not only to technical accessories, such as fender covers or side protection details, but also to lifestyle items, such as the Invictus Yacht travel bag or Garmin watch.

Ready to sail aboard an Invictus Yacht model

The multifunctional nature of Invictus Capoforte store by Nautica Bertelli is also underlined by the fact that, during this first summer season, passionate will be able to rent two models from the Capoforte collection, the FX270 and FX190, ideal for day trips in total relaxation, to discover the mooring sites and panoramas of the Gulf of Tigullio, from Sestri Levante to Portofino.

The address of the new Invictus Capoforte store by Nautica Bertelli is: Via Bottaro 9, 16038 Santa Margherita Ligure (GE).


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