Signs of Boat Trouble



Over time, the boat may lose its performance and robustness under the influence of the elements in the environment. Especially harsh weather conditions are one of these factors. One of the most common problems on a boat is engine deterioration. The more you understand the language of boats, the faster you will be able to recognize any problems and this will allow you to solve the problem early before it becomes more serious.

signs of trouble on board

Unusual Engine Noises

Just as strange noises coming from a car are unpleasant and make you stop and think, the same is true for your boat. Strange noises from the engine that sound unusual and out of the ordinary may be a sign of trouble. Most boat owners don’t think much about it until the problem is serious enough to show itself, but it’s worth showing your boat to a technician as soon as you hear different noises. If the engine noise is a growl, it usually means there is a problem with the bearings.
If the strange noise is coming from the tilt-lift engine, which we can call a vibration engine, it may be due to a lack of air pressure. An air bubble in the fluid is an issue that needs to be addressed directly.

signs of trouble on board

Extra Vibration

The vibrations you feel when you set sail and start sailing are one of the signs that everything is fine. Vibrations that you feel more than usual are a sign that something is wrong. This is your boat saying “there is something wrong with the engine”. After strange vibrations that cause your boat to shake violently, you should definitely have your engine checked by a mechanic.

signs of trouble on board

Overheated Engine

Nothing in life is good in excess, including boat equipment and engines. If the boat is overheating, it could be a clue to a serious engine failure and it is too serious to be delayed. It must be solved immediately by the technical team! An expert team should find the origin of the excessive heat, not you, because the heat you try to detect using your senses can cause serious burns and injuries to your body. To avoid such serious problems, it is important to have regular, routine maintenance on your boat.

signs of trouble on board

Worn Fuel Line

The engine is often the root cause of problems on a boat. Taking precautions to protect the engine will help you avoid breakdowns.

Protecting the line between the tank and the engine against kinks or breaks will prevent damage to the fuel line. Potential engine failure is thus prevented at the source. You can recognize the signs of a damaged fuel line by engines that do not start. Because of a broken or deteriorated fuel line, gasoline will not be able to reach the engine, so the engines will not start. The line must be repaired or replaced.

signs of trouble on board

Routine Boat Maintenance is Very Important

If you want your boat to be robust and long-lasting, you should have it routinely maintained. If you neglect maintenance, corrosion and damage to important parts will cause you much more serious financial expenses. It should not be forgotten that above all, you should consider caution and your life safety.

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