What are Suitable Clothes for Sailing?


As with every sport, there are separate clothes and equipment for sailing. In order for the athlete to be comfortable, it is necessary to choose the right clothes. Dressing in accordance with the weather allows us to be more comfortable on the boat in terms of comfort and safety. As long as there is good equipment with the selection of suitable clothing, the sail can be used every day and season of the year.The reason for wearing special clothing in sailing is to combat wind and cold weather. The clothing should protect the athlete’s body temperature and allow the sweat to pass to the next layer without drying it.

When choosing the clothes you will use on the boat, you should take care to be comfortable in the clothes and to make appropriate choices for the weather conditions and sailing.

In the spring and summer, shorts and t-shirts are recommended, while in the fall and winter, sailing overalls and jackets that are resistant to cold and rain are appropriate. When sailing, it is more comfortable to wear multi-layered thin clothes rather than thick clothes. The air between the clothes will insulate us and protect us from the cold. In layered clothes, zippering the front and armpit of the top layer makes it easier to control the temperature.

What to Consider When Choosing Clothes for Sailing

First of all, it would be correct to examine it under two main headings, upper and lower. Four layers of clothing should be worn for the upper region. The purpose of the first layer of clothing is to act as a second skin on the body. The first layer of clothing should be able to sweat out. Therefore, the fabric preference should be a mixture of synthetic and wool or polypropylene, a thermoplastic material.

The second layer of clothing, which is looser than the first layer, is removed in hot weather. The purpose of this garment is to protect the neck and wrists from cold weather. In warm weather, a fleece or sweater can be used as a top layer. A water-resistant and breathable coat with a zipper should be preferred as the last layer.

The lower garments consist of pants and underwear. Thermal underwear worn under pants should be preferred in cold climates. Being a mixture of synthetic and wool makes it easier to warm the body. For pants, linen should be preferred in hot weather and breathable fabric resistant to rain and snow should be preferred in cold weather. Finally, beanies, gloves, leggings and socks should be specially selected to prevent heat loss. It is essential that the fabric is waterproof.

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